Teak Garden furniture restoration kit

£79.00 £165.83 save £86.83
Our Garden Furniture Restoration Kit includes all the product, accessories and instructions required to help you clean and restore all your garden furniture. The Kit contains: 500ml Teak Cleaner (concentrated formula makes 3 litres), 500ml Teak Brightener (concentrated formula makes 1 litre), 500ml Teak Oil, Scrubbing Brush Abrasive Pad, Pack of Lint Free Cloths, Bucket, Gloves. Restoring your garden furniture is a three-part process that will deliver great results; the kit will remove grey and weathered wood restoring the original honey brown colour and protect the surface from future weathering. Dirt, grime and some discoloration is removed using our Teak Cleaner. The colour is further enhanced with the grey/weathered look restored back to a lovely honey colour using the Teak Brightener. The Teak Oil is then applied to help protect the wood from discoloration, drying out and cracking

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