Gardening Trends: What’s Hot in Plant Selection & Landscape Design

Does your garden need an upgrade? If your outdoor space needs infusing with a little modernity, the plants you choose and the landscaping of your garden can make all the difference.  

In this blog, we’ll explore the most popular plant choices and landscaping ideas to create a truly immersive and timeless garden space. We’ll also discover how you incorporate teak outdoor furniture into your landscaping to create a sanctuary you’ll want to enjoy all year round.  

Most Popular Plant Choices 

Plant selection is key to curating an enjoyable garden space. Some of the most popular plant choices among homeowners wanting to create a captivating outdoor retreat include: 


Renowned for their lush blooms and timeless appeal, hydrangeas are a beloved choice among keen gardeners. Available in a myriad of colours, from delicate pastels to vibrant hues, hydrangeas lend a touch of romance and whimsy to any garden setting. 

Crab Apple:  

With its ornamental value and seasonal interest, the crab apple tree is a beloved addition to any garden. This versatile tree offers year-round beauty, serving as a focal point or backdrop for garden beds and borders. 


Lavender is a true staple in garden design. Whether planted in neat rows or delicately arranged around a comfortable teak garden bench, this aromatic herb adds texture, colour, and tranquility to your outdoor space. 


As a vibrant yet low maintenance plant, geraniums are a popular choice for busy homeowners wanting a beautiful garden that looks after itself. These plants also have nectar-rich flowers that attract wildlife, like butterflies and different, to create a vibrant ecosystem in your outdoor space.  


As a symbol of joy, vitality, and resilience, sunflowers are a cheerful addition to any garden space. These iconic blooms offer a sense of summer radiance to your garden, whilst also working to brighten your mood. 

Trending Landscaping Design Ideas 

Creating an inviting outdoor area is about much more than just plant selection, it’s also about landscaping and furniture choices. Some landscaping design options that seamlessly incorporate our award-winning teak garden furniture, include: 

1. Water Features 

By integrating water features like fountains or bird baths, you can create focal points that not only attract wildlife but also create visual interest. The sights and sounds of these features can add a feel of tranquility to your garden, and when paired with our teak dining sets arranged nearby, you can unwind and appreciate the beauty of nature.  

2. Layered Landscapes:  

Layered landscapes for gardens are a relatively new trend used to create depth and visual interest in your garden that incorporate multiple levels of planting and hardscape elements. Use techniques such as terracing and raised beds to create distinct levels within your garden, and by placing furniture like our teak garden chairs on different levels, you can take advantage of the views and create intimate gathering spaces.  

3. Flower Borders  

Flower borders offer a charming alternative to traditional garden fences. They can create a sense of enclosure and intimacy within the garden, and when combined with teak dining table and chairs, you can create a relaxing environment for al fresco dining, catching up with friends, or simply enjoying some me time.  

As we end our exploration of the latest gardening trends, we’re left with an appreciation for the transformative power of choosing the right plants and landscaping designs for our outdoor spaces. By embracing these popular plant choices and garden design ideas, homeowners can infuse their gardens with a truly timeless beauty, and when combined with the excellent durability and aesthetic appeal of teak furniture, you can create an immersive outdoor space for years to come.  

Shop all our teak furniture today or get in touch with our team to learn more about how you can craft the garden you’ve always wanted.