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Teak Garden Furniture San Francisco Bench Cushion included.
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Teak garden Furniture Lutyens Bench
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Teak garden Furniture Lutyens Bench

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Teak Garden Furniture Harmony Bench
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Teak Garden Furniture Harmony Bench

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Santorini Sofa
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Santorini Sofa

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Looking for standalone seating for your outdoor space? Look no further than a gorgeous teak garden bench here at Luxus Home & Garden! Not only are our teak benches incredibly hardwearing, but they're also timeless in style, meaning you'll be enjoying them for years to come.

At Luxus, our teak garden benches offer a wide selection of classic and modern styles, so you can easily find the perfect teak outdoor bench for your space. Come and see for yourself!

Why choose teak garden benches?

Teak is renowned for its remarkable durability and exceptional beauty. Its strong, straight grains imbue the most ordinary benches with elegant textures, while standing up to any weather condition with effortless ease. Read more..

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Here at Luxus, we take sustainable sourcing seriously and with our SVLK certification, you can be sure that any teak garden bench you choose with us is ethically made. Nothing compares to indulging in your outdoor paradise while relaxing on a teak outdoor bench.

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If you're looking for teak benches, you'll be delighted by the long-lasting qualities they bring. Looking for more teak outdoor furniture? Visit our collection of stunning teak garden chairs and teak tables.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hardwood is the first choice for outdoor furniture as it offers huge benefits over softwood. Here at Luxus, we offer premium made teak garden benches, as teak is incredibly long-lasting and provides unmatched durability and reliability.

Any teak garden bench you choose with Luxus is guaranteed to bring life to your outdoor space for many years to come.

Teak is an extremely resilient hardwood which is highly resistant to the elements. Requiring very little maintenance, our teak garden benches, alongside ourteak garden tablesandfurniture sets, can last over 75 years. Some teak benches have even lasted centuries and are still going strong!

A teak garden bench has natural oils which make it water resistant, ensuring it won’t rot if left outside in the rain. This makes teak an ideal choice foroutdoor furniture, especially in the UK climate.

You'll be happily surprised at how little upkeep our teak benches require thanks to the wood's hardwearing nature. You can expect years of usage with no hassle. Plus, if you prefer the colour to stay the same,properly caring for your teakcan prevent the wood from going grey.

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