Is teak furniture eco-friendly?

One of the questions we’re asked by customers most often is - how do I know if this teak is sustainable? At Luxus, we take our environmental responsibility extremely seriously and want to assure our customers that all of our teak furniture has been legally sourced. Choosing the right material for your outdoor furniture is important, you want to ensure that it is durable and resilient, as well as have the peace of mind that the materials used were responsibly sourced. 

In this blog, we’re going to dive into how we source our teak and why it’s so important to choose an eco-friendly provider.

Where does Luxus teak come from?

We offer an extensive range of teak garden furniture, from garden sets to chairs, tables and loungers. All of the wood used for our furniture comes from sustainable plantations on the island of Java. These plantations are managed and owned by the Indonesian government, which has established a very strict and effective system for sustainable harvesting. As well as monitoring how many trees can be felled each year, the trees that are used are chosen based on their age and size. By managing the harvesting in this way, the government can effectively monitor the replanting of the teak trees. 

Is Luxus teak legally sourced?

You may have noticed that all of our teak comes with SVLK certification. This scheme is used by the Indonesian government to ensure that teak has been legally harvested. Only teak that fully complies with the guidelines set out by the government can achieve SVLK certification. Teak without SVLK certification sold within European markets has been illegally harvested. 

Is teak a sustainable wood?

The teak that we use does not come from a natural forest, instead, it is responsibly sourced from regulated government plantations that replant to ensure it is a renewable resource. These plantations work hard to ensure that teak does not become an endangered species and that any trees used for commercial means are harvested for that purpose. 

Sustainable teak at Luxus

We take our corporate social responsibility extremely seriously and we’re proud to say that all of our teak is sourced from legal plantations. Illegal logging is a significant global issue, so we hope that our commitment to source only sustainable teak gives you the confidence to shop with us. 

Teak is an incredible material and as well as ensuring we source teak from legal plantations, we also use teak for its many eco-friendly benefits. Teak is full of natural oils which gives it a natural resistance to pests. Because of this, the plantations do not need to use any insecticides or chemicals during the growth period. When creating our teak furniture, we also ensure that any leftovers are recycled, as well as using only Grade-A teak to make sure our furniture is built to last. 

Shop the full range of our SVLK-certified teak garden furniture today, or take a look at our full sustainability policy to find out more about our teak’s journey.