Can teak furniture be left outside in winter?

We may be in the midst of the ‘Great British Summer’ but if you've invested in teak garden furniture this year, you should start considering how to care for it in the winter. Luckily, teak is an incredibly hardy material and can be left outside all year round, however, if you want to keep yours in top condition, there are some steps you can take!

1. Store your teak furniture indoors

Although not everyone has this option, storing your teak in a garage or other indoor shelter can help prolong the lifespan of the wood. Teak naturally pages over time and when exposed to the elements, will turn a beautiful silver grey colour. If you prefer to keep your teak in its original honey brown colour, moving it indoors during the colder months will help maintain this hue. If you do choose to keep your teak garden furniture indoors over the winter, check on it periodically to ensure there are no moisture build-ups. If you do spot any mould on your teak furniture, follow our easy guide to cleaning your teak furniture to get it back to its best. 

2. Invest in a teak furniture cover

Teak can be left uncovered all year round, but if you want to maintain its freshly bought look, you may want to invest in a teak furniture cover for the winter months. A cover is a great alternative to storing your teak indoors. It means you can leave your teak garden set in situ over the winter, without having to worry about carrying it back in the summer. If you decide to cover your teak furniture, ensure you choose a waterproof cover made of breathable material. Tarpaulin is a great choice for outdoor furniture covers as it allows air to flow.

3. Remove all cushions and seating pads

Whether you’re storing, covering or simply leaving your teak alone throughout the winter months, it is integral that you remove any cushions during this period. Even waterproof cushions can absorb excess moisture which could cause damage to the teak. Cushions left outside during heavy rain or snowfall may also encourage mould, fungi and bad smells, another reason to store yours indoors or under a cover during the colder months. 

4. Remove any standing water or snowfall

If you’re leaving your teak uncovered during the winter, it’s important to clear any standing water or heavy snowfall that accumulates on the surface of the wood. Although teak is an extremely hardy material, prolonged moisture exposure can damage the natural oils within the teak. We also recommend moving your teak garden furniture away from any spots in the garden with high water exposure, such as underneath gutters or next to drains. 

If you’ve purchased your teak outdoor furniture from Luxus, you can rest assured that you have invested in only the highest quality grade-A products, designed to age well over time even when exposed to the harshest weather conditions. To discover more from our teak garden range, why not explore the full collection of teak garden tables and teak garden chairs?