Premium 2.7m Solid Wood Parasol 45mm Pole (Cream)

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What's Included?
*Luxus 4cm Extra Thick Table Tops.
*Luxus Chairs are Superior In Durability and Weight for Added Longevity.
*Luxus Teak Garden Furniture Award Winning Premium Grade Sustainable Teak.
*Fastest Delivery Service Guaranteed.
*Minimal Assembly Required For Tables, Sofas and Warwick Chairs, Most Items Come Fully Assembled.

Premium Parasol

Upgrade to our premium parasol for unmatched durability and quality. Crafted from solid natural hardwood, this premium parasol perfectly complements our teak garden furniture dining sets - we even designed it specifically for this purpose! The sturdy 48mm stem effortlessly fits into the 50mm holes of our teak tables, while the pulley system features two drawstrings with thick rope for easy operation. Each strut of the high-quality parasol is adorned with protective brown moleskin patches, enhancing both its longevity and fashion-forward appearance.

STYLISH & CONTEMPORARY GARDEN PARASOL: Shade yourself in style when you’re relaxing in your garden with this wooden 2.7m Parasol. Designed with a 2.7m canopy in Cream. It provides fantastic coverage if you’re relaxing or dining at a garden table.

AIR VENT TO MAXIMISE AIR FLOW: The canopy is made from thick 180g polyester for enhanced durability. An air vent at the top helps to reduce wind pressure to prevent the wind pulling the parasol upwards. It also aids air flow to reduce the temperature beneath the parasol and keep you cool when you're relaxing beneath it.

DURABLE 45mm DIAMETER HEAVY DUTY WOODEN POLE:  The pole has a 45mm diameter and consists of two parts that screw together.

Instructions are included to easily assemble and care for the parasol.

2.7m Solid Wood Parasol 45mm Pole (Cream) -
2.7m Diameter, 48mm Pole.

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