Luxus Teak Care Kit - Teak Sealer, Cleaner and Renovator

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What's Included?
*Luxus 4cm Extra Thick Table Tops.
*Luxus Chairs are Superior In Durability and Weight for Added Longevity.
*Luxus Award Winning Premium Grade Sustainable Teak.
*Fastest Delivery Service Guaranteed.
*Minimal Assembly Required For Tables, Sofas and Warwick Chairs, Most Items Come Fully Assembled.

Luxus Teak Care Kit

Introducing our convenient teak care package designed to effortlessly clean, revitalize, and shield your teak furniture from harm, ensuring its longevity and beauty.

Luxus Teak Sealer is a premium sealant, when applied, it penetrates the wood to enhance its natural colour. As time passes, the sealant creates strong bonds that increase its longevity and improve its ability to repel stains, mould, mildew, and moisture.

  • Absorbs into wood & brings out the natural colour.
  • Overtime forms cross links for longer life and resistance to staining.
  • Contains no pigment.
  • Contains a UV Protector to reduce UV damage.
  • Protects against mould/mildew, moisture & colour loss.
Teak Renovator and Cleaner
Revive your teak furniture with Luxus Teak Cleaner and Teak Renovator, a gentle yet effective solution that restores the wood to its original shine. This unique 2 part system eliminates the need for vigorous scrubbing or high-pressure jet washing, protecting the integrity of the wood. By deep cleaning the grain, eliminating stains, and enhancing the natural colour of teak, this product will have your outdoor furniture looking as good as new.
  • Easy to use, just mix with water in a bucket & apply with a sponge or brush
  • Equally effective on teak garden furniture or any other teak products
  • Creates a freshly sanded look
  • Substantially reduces cleaning time
  • No scrubbing or sanding (which can significantly reduce teak thickness)
  • Will not soften boat deck seams
  • Removes green, food & drink stains, fuel stains, fish blood, rust, bird poo, sun tan lotion & more.

 Luxus Teak Care Kit Contains 1Ltr teak cleaner (Red) and 1Ltr teak renovator (Green) 1Ltr Teak sealer (Tin)

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