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Would highly recommend this company. Fantastic customer service and the quality of my new garden furniture set is excellent. From placing my order to delivery, the service was seamless. Thank you for making my garden look beautiful!

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High-end workmanship and a superior service from start to finish.Thrilled with our new garden furniture set. We’ll be looking to add to it using this company. Thank you.

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Absolutely brilliant with quality and customer service. The garden furniture we bought was outstanding quality and delivered by a professional team who assembled the furniture and placed it in our garden. A huge thank you to the team.And we are now looking for more furniture to add to high speck garden furniture from Luxus.

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Excellent quality furniture very pleased with it. Customer service was excellent and delivery drivers were very efficient and really helpful

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I needed to upgrade my garden set and I'm so glad I came here. The price reduction was huge and the quality is excellent! I would highly recommend

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A very accommodating team, we arranged a video demonstration which was really helpful. Great quality furniture, I would highly recommend this company.


How to Treat Teak Garden Furniture

Posted by Luxus Home & Garden Ltd on

One of the best things about teak is how easy it is to maintain, which is why it’s the perfect choice for garden furniture. Whether you’ve already purchased your teak outdoor furniture, or you’re looking to invest in your first garden set, we’re here to help keep your wood looking its best. In this guide, our experts are going to take you through how to maintain your teak, from treating the wood to whether you should stain or varnish your furniture. 

Should I treat my teak furniture?

As teak is naturally oily, it fares well in almost all outdoor weather conditions. One of the main reasons why people choose to treat their teak garden furniture is to maintain the rich-brown colour of the wood. Over time, teak will naturally age, turning into a slivery-grey colour that is equally beautiful but not to everyone's taste. 

We do not advise using any form of teak oil on your outdoor furniture. Applying oil can destroy the naturally occurring protective oils in the teak. If you do choose to oil your teak, you will need to do this regularly to stop the wood from drying out.

What treatments can be used on teak outdoor furniture?

Our experts recommend choosing a water-based treatment solution such as a teak protector or sealant. This will ensure that the natural oils in the teak are protected and the rich-brown colour is maintained. 

Can I paint my teak furniture?

You can paint teak but we would not recommend it. As well as covering the natural beauty of the wood, the high oil content in the teak will make it difficult to apply paint or other decorative finishes. If you do want to paint your teak furniture, we recommend leaving new teak garden furniture to weather for at least 6 weeks. After this period, we advise using an aluminium oxide primer to prepare the wood. 

Can I seal teak garden furniture?

It is possible to seal teak outdoor furniture, as long as you use a water-based wood sealer. Sealing your teak is a good way to protect it from dirt or spills, especially from food or drink! Once sealed, you can simply wipe your teak furniture with a damp cloth to clean. 

Can I polish teak furniture?

We do not recommend using any polishes, oils or varnishes on teak garden furniture. Not only will these products leave an unnatural coating on the wood, but the high oil content in the teak will also make it difficult for these products to stick. Applying products such as polish can lead to flaking or peeling which will need to be removed through sanding. 

At Luxus, we want to ensure you have all the help you need when choosing the right teak garden furniture for your home. Take a look at our extensive Teak Buying Guide for our expert advice, or check out our Teak Cleaning Guide for more maintenance tips. 

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